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Yes, You can!

Reach your goal to speak English more fluently and more confidently with “Super-English-Learning”; the quickest and most effective ESL training available today. With a private coach you will experience this dynamic teaching method taught by a native English speaker.


The Method

The "Super-English-Learning" approach is based on the Accelerated Learning method as well as ongoing research findings in the area of brain function and learning environment. This program caters to each individual; it is varied, stress-free, motivating, playful and creative, as well as structured. As a result, the learning process is accelerated, and any barriers to speaking quickly begin to disappear. With this training you focus on immediate use of the new material – bringing your acquired English skills directly into your professional or personal life.


Who Benefits

  • Business firms and companies of all sizes wishing to achieve more success through skillful use of the English language.
  • Private, adult individuals who are interested in practical training, application and extending their English language abilities.
  • All English levels – beginners to advanced.


All levels of general English (content based on the “Common European Framework“)

  • Everyday English
  • Small Talk & Conversational English
  • Holiday & Travel English
  • Grammar and Vocabulary

Business English

  • English for business professionals
  • Effective English Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Small Talk in the Business World
  • Telephoning
  • Meetings
  • Correspondence


The´Super-English-Learning session can be held:

  • At your location in and around Linz
  • Via Telephone
  • In an online Skype or Zoom session
  • Through blended learning (online and onsite training)

Qualification and Experience

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